About The Show

The Show:

The Improvised Stand-Up Show with Jeremiah Watkins has been entertaining audiences around LA since 2010. Comedians go up with no prepared material, ask the audience for suggestions, and create Stand- Up on the Spot based off the suggestions. This is the only stand-up show where you, the audience, get to suggest what the comedians talk about.

Since then, the show has expanded to include a live DEATHSQUAD podcast and has been featured at comedy festivals around the country. Now Stand Up on The Spot comes to NYC! Hosted by Robby Slowik, the New York edition takes place monthly at The Stand Comedy Club and Restaurant.


What? Is this a Stand-Up Show or an Improv Show?

It’s a little bit of both. All the performers are Stand-Up comedians, but like at an Improv show, YOU get to yell out suggestions.  And then they craft a whole new bit right there, thanks to you!  There’s no teams, no “yes, ands” and no pre-rehearsed material.

Well, that sounds… weird. If it’s not pre-rehearsed, is it funny?

Oh yeah, it’s VERY funny.  We bring in some of the smartest, hardest working comedians we know.  Their minds are always looking for the funny in everything and many of the bits that start out on our show go on to become part of their regular act, and even on albums and specials!

So, you mean I get to yell stuff out whenever I want?

No, that’s called heckling and it’s very rude. At the top of each act’s set, they will ask for suggestions and pick one to start talking about. Once they get to the end of that joke, they’ll ask you for another and so on.

Also, it’s rude to record them – video or audio – so please don’t do that.

Production Team:

Jeremiah Watkins

Brian Woods

NYC Producers:
Casey Balsham
Amy Hawthorne
Robby Slowik